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Having set up new food businesses over the years (whilst still running a full-time print and marketing business), our team now specialise in helping entrepreneurs set up their own Food business to ensure those initial critical funds are being invested in your product – and not in overpriced marketing. That’s where we help.


We specialise in helping people set up their new food business. We manage all aspects of your initial marketing needs to ensure you are getting the most cost-effective services for your online store without breaking the bank. Services include:

Set up of online store at a simple and affordable monthly subscription service.

You need to be spending your hard earned money on your product research and development – not on huge fees of up to $20,000 and more just to build you a website. Our very affordable $100 per month subscription fee includes (with nothing else to pay):

  • SEO friendly, custom branded, online store within 3 days – no set up fee
  • tablet and smartphone optimised
  • trackable reports –  like who’s looking at your store, and where they are coming from.
  • no lock-in contracts – pause, cancel or upgrade your store at any time.
  • addition of new products as needed.
  • ongoing maintenance.
  • social media share buttons.
  • blog page for you to talk about your products (you supply content, we post it).
  • download
  • Barcode Implementation 
    If you’re selling retail as well as online, you must have barcodes. We will manage the whole process for you and supply you with barcodes ready to place on your labels. There are lots of different barcode suppliers in Australia and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. We’ll manage this for you. Simply contact us with details of products, sizes and where you plan to retail them. We’ll help you work out if you need outer packaging barcode also.
  • And remember, sometimes it’s better to confirm the order before you pay for barcodes you may not use – products can change as you start developing them. 

Labels and packaging 

With over 20 years experience in all things print we’ll ensure that we give you the best possible price for your label and packaging needs, and we’ll let you know if there are better options. As your business grows we’ll give you better pricing – because print always rely’s on volume and that’s just one of our areas of expertise. If you don’t know much about print, because you haven’t had to, it’s easy to be paying much more than you need to. We won’t let that happen anymore.

Whether you just want a minimum quantity (less than 20) or looking for larger quantities you can count on us.

Social Media Management

In the beginning setting up social media (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) is about getting your product known. Then it’s time to build a brand and get your fans sharing the news. This is where paid advertising (Google Adwords and Facebook advertising) comes in. Your budget can be as little as $100 per month. We can manage this for you.

Graphic Art and Design

We offer graphic art and design services, but you may already have your logo ready so we can easily work with your designer to get everything we need – we’ll just keep you in loop.

CONTACT US to discuss your requirements

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Sherie Sourial
Sherie Sourial – CDE and Dietitian

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