Budding Entrepeneurs – don’t give up your day job!

I’ve watched so many people with fantastic ideas that they’ve been workshopping in their minds for a few months, or even years, suddenly bite the bullet. By which I mean they give up their day job and launch their product – and sit back and wait……

Let me tell you it takes years to start making an income from your product or service – even when it’s unique. Forget all those sponsored Facebook posts about how Joe Bloggs made $1 million in the first year simply by following a ‘guaranteed’ sales/marketing course. It’s crap. Maybe that does happen to a couple of people but it’s about as likely as winning the $20million lotto – very, very, very, very, very (etc) unlikely.

Before you give up your day job (which is supporting you and probably funding your new idea) do a spreadsheet on all your costs, test your idea, test your product and make sure you know your Avatar (target market) 100%. Find out where they are, where they hang out online, and if they really want your product. Yes, you’ll be working longer than ever but until you know you have a success story – don’t give up your day job.

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